How to Pronounce 'SPRIGHTLY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word sprightly. This word is used to describe a person, usually a little bit older, who is full of energy.

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In this final section I learned more Dos and dont's for a beginner teacher. I've gained some tricks to help me out along the way like the listening texts I will most likely facilitate in my classrooms. If I am a English language assistant I will be able to help the professors as well.I have learnt about the different types , forms and usage of tenses in this unit. How to use them in forming sentences. I have also learnt the ideas in using them to teach students. I have learnt about petty mistakes/errors most students make in their grammar and how to correct them .This last unit was a brilliant way to just tie it all together. I found it to be like a summary of the possible problems and just little tips for the general approach. It made me feel a lot more at ease when approaching my first group of students. Thank you for this amazing course.