How to Pronounce 'THRASONICAL'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word thrasonical. This word is a synonym for boastful or bragging. It orginates from the fictional character Thraso, who is a soldier in the comedy Eunuchus, a play written by Terence over 2,000 years ago. Due to his bragging nature, Thraso was the inspiration for this word.

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The Lesson Planning unit provided me with ideas, tips and guidance on how to properly plan and administer my lessons before the start of a class. It is very useful because it gave me a basis and understanding of how a trained teacher should conduct an English Language class generally.Unit 3 is loaded with informative teaching styles, and how we can use each part of it to help the learners in professional ways. I like ESA technique and the way it produce, and collect in information to and from learners it might take a little bit of work time, but it's rich and fun.It was a good unit. it reminds us to be very attentive to tense usage. because it is easy to confuse some the tenses. I personally don't like grammar activities. I would say i didn't enjoy reading or doing this unit. but ofcourse know knowledge is lost as I gained from doing the unit.