TEFL 120-hour Course - Unit 10


Unit 10 provides students with the opportunity to see two real English language classes in progress one effective and one not so effective. During this unit you will analyze the two lessons and gain an understanding of how your attitude as a teacher and the way you interact with your students affects their ability and motivation to learn.

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This chapter was an introduction to the Tense System and \"form,\" which shows the affirmative (positive) negative and question examples of the tense or grammar point, the \"usages,\" which is how and under what circumstances the grammar point is used. This was a difficult chapter, but I liked it.In this unit, I learned all the structures and usages of the different forms of conditionals, as well as some of the most common errors made by learners and a few teaching ideas. I also got some handy ideas to teach the reported speech and try to minimize the students' typical errors and mistakes.Though at first it felt like I had no issue with the intricacies and subtleties of using these tenses and what they meant, my hesitations while selecting my answers made me realise that it is not so simple a lesson! I hope that my answers will show that I still have a good mastery of these tenses.