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The ITTT Facebook page has grown over time into an important hub where trainees, teachers and new graduates can connect in one place to share all manner of information, tips and advice on the TESOL experience. The great strength of this online group is that it is made up of people from many different nationalities and backgrounds so it has something to offer everyone. By joining our thriving online community you will be able to find all the answers you are looking for and also help others to make the right decisions as they develop their own teaching careers.

Through our Facebook page you can also access a wide range of other online content, including our website, YouTube channel, Instagram, Pinterest, photo library, special offers, and a whole lot more. With well over 100,000 followers, you will always find plenty of fresh and insightful content from current trainees, course graduates, and our very own TESOL experts. Whatever stage in your teaching career you are at, head over to our Facebook page for all the latest news and views regarding the English teaching world.

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