TESOL Teaching Practice | ITTT


Our in-class TESOL courses have many advantages and the most important is probably the real life teaching practice that features heavily throughout the course schedule. Throughout your stay with us you will have a number of opportunities to practice everything you learn during the daily input sessions by delivering your own lessons in a real ESL classroom. These practice sessions provide the very best preparation for your future teaching career as they involve genuine English learners. Every practice session is conducted under the watchful eye of a professional teacher trainer to ensure you have all the support you need.

Each teaching practice session requires plenty of planning time which will be completed under the guidance of our experienced training team. Immediately after each lesson they will also conduct a debriefing session where you can discuss your strengths and any areas that might need improving on in subsequent practice sessions. Once you have completed an in-class TESOL course and a full set of practice lessons, you will be in a great position to land your first teaching job. You should also be fully confident in your own abilities as a teacher, wherever your TESOL journey takes you.

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