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One of the most popular features of our online TESOL certification courses is their level of flexibility. There are no fixed timetables or specific targets to meet, which means you can fit your course around any other responsibilities you have. You are free to study as much or as little as you like at any time, allowing you to work around your existing commitments such as work schedules or family ties. Rather than being restricted by scheduled classes, you can simply sign in to your online account whenever you have some free time and complete whatever amount of study you choose.

Our standard online courses have a six month time limit as this ensures that the material covered in the early parts of the course is still fresh as you come towards the course conclusion. Other than this time frame you get to choose your entire study plan, whatever suits you and your lifestyle best. If you have few existing commitments and are in a hurry to get your teaching career started, you could potentially finish your course within a few short weeks. Alternatively, you could choose to take advantage of the six month limit and therefore reduce any potential for stress. No matter what kind of route you take through the course, you will receive the same internationally renowned TESOL certificate at the end of your studies.

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