TESOL Courses without Final Exam | ITTT


If, like many of us, you crumble at the thought of an end of course exam, you will have no worries if you choose one of our online TESOL certification courses. All our online options have been designed to include continuous assessment as you work through your studies, rather than one single test at the end. Our online courses are divided into separate units that each have a short multiple choice assessment to complete before moving on to the next. Another stress relieving factor is that you don’t need to achieve a set pass rate on each assessment; instead you simply need to obtain a 75% target when all the assessments are added up at the end of the course.

Due to the flexible nature of our online TESOL courses and this user friendly approach to assessment, most of our trainees have no problems working their way through their chosen course. Rather than getting stressed about facing an intimidating end of course exam, you should be able to calmly move from one unit to the next and still have plenty of time to plan your upcoming teaching adventure.

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