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While our in-class TESOL courses are heavily focused on practical content, we also ensure that our online courses are as practical as possible. Whichever course you choose you will study a wide range of theory subjects that are vital when preparing for a new career in the classroom. However, we also try to make each subject as true to life as we can to prepare you for the realities of teaching English. Among the subjects covered in this way are essential teaching skills such as lesson planning, classroom management, and testing procedures. With this crucial mix of theory and practical teaching subjects you should graduate from your chosen course with a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of ESL teaching.

To add to the knowledge conveyed by our written course materials, many of our courses also include a range of practical videos that should aid your understanding of how lessons should be delivered in the classroom. You can further enhance your practical abilities by adding a teaching element to your TESOL certification. Our 150-hour Certification Course with Teaching Practice is a great option as it starts with the standard 120-hour online TESOL course and concludes with six hours of teaching practice in a school or language center of your choice. With this option your teaching will be evaluated remotely and upon successful completion you will receive a certificate that also states your number of practical teaching hours.

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