TESOL Course Requirements | ITTT


As the worldwide market for TESOL qualified teachers is so strong there is no shortage of great opportunities out there, whatever your nationality or background. In some areas there are so many jobs available that teachers can pick and choose the one they prefer. Because of this, non-native English speakers should have no problems finding a job in many parts of the world. In fact, of the thousands of trainees that take our courses every year, there are actually more non-native than native English speakers. Regardless of where you were born or what language you grew up speaking, as long as you are now fluent in English there is nothing to stop you enjoying great success as an English language teacher.

The truth is that non-native English speakers can have some advantages over native speakers in the classroom. It is often true that they have a better understanding of English grammar as they had to learn it rather than just gain its usage naturally. English students can also be more comfortable learning from a non-native speaker as they know that they have been through the exact same process as they are now experiencing. Ultimately, if you didn’t grow up with English as your first language it should not be a barrier to achieving your goal of teaching English at home or overseas.

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