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This unit helped me reflect on potential issues that may arise in the classroom when teaching existing and new students. The tactics provided to deal with stronger and weaker students is also really reasonable and from experience, tends to help quite a lot as students are more likely to feel inspired by their peers rather than have a teacher drill the same material redundantly until it \"sticks\". It's also not fair to focus too much on either strong or weak students as that leaves one group not reaching further heights.Teaching young learners, I understand the reason to keep the class light, fun, and moving forward. Young learners with short attention span could be a real challenge, but a lot of fun too. A teacher needs not only needs to be a teacher, but an entertainer as well, when you lose your audience one bombs. One of the primary focus should be to create a fun, positive, and comfortable environment for all students. This focus should also apply to all groups, whether one on one, or a class taking place at a companies office.