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We observed four forms of Past Tenses, ways of constructing affirmative, negative statements and questions, rules oftheir usage. Grammar of Past Tenses verbs is the same as of Present Tenses but auxiliary verbs should be used in their past forms (to be - was\\were, to have - had). Past Simle is used for a past time activity (the time is given or definite though not mentioned). Past Continious is used for past time actions that were in progress. Past Perfect is used for actions that occured before another action in the past (past in past). Past Perfect Continiuos is used to talk about longer actions in the past that had been going on continiuosly up to the past moment that we were thinking about. Some teaching ideas for Activate stage were suggested: desrcribing pictures,narrating stories creating CV, discussing past holidays, detective game, retelling a story backwards, explaining reasons of a past situation.