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International employers are well aware of our courses and TESOL certification as we have been at the forefront of teacher training for many years. In fact, many of these schools and language centers specifically look out for our graduates as they know the qualifications they have earned are of a high quality and that they will be more than ready to step into a real classroom. These employers come from every region of the world as the tens of thousands of graduates that have come through our system have gone on to teach in almost every conceivable location.

In the not so distant past it was perfectly normal for people to get on a plane to almost anywhere and easily find work as an English language teacher without any experience or qualifications. In the modern age that option has all but disappeared as the vast majority of employers now expect their employees to have earned a TESOL certification. This is especially true for jobs that offer a good level of pay and comfortable working conditions. If you want your teaching adventure to also include a solid financial reward, a TESOL certificate from ITTT is just what you need.

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