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I.V. - Canada said:
Why Complete a TEFL courseI often dream about traveling the word and living in foreign locations with a simple lifestyle. But, to given the opportunity for such enjoyable lifestyle must be supported with a steady income. Being a swim instructor I have always had interest in teaching. Therefore, the idea of teaching english abroad as a second language simply satisfied both my interest. It gives me the chance to explore foreign countries and have career of my interest. Because I had limited knowledge of how to teach english I decided to take the TEFL course and it was evidently beneficial in several ways. My article will discus in depth why you should complete a TEFL course. First of all, the completion of TEFL course gives you the opportunity to many open doors. Gaining this certificate is rewarding and potentially a life changing experience. It will enhance your personal growth, chance of employment and lots of traveling opportunities. This opening does not only allow you to build professional interpersonal relationship, but also provides you with a chance to immerse into a new culture. The TEFL course is a bridge for you to truly experience and understand if this journey is really something of your interest. Not only will it give potential growth in knowledge of english grammar it will also cover all fields related to teaching english as a second language. This course is designed at your convince and allows you to work at your own pace. The courses will allow you to learn more about the rules of grammar from parts of speeches and how to correctly form a sentence. It also goes through the various roles of being a teacher and how to manage a class. The course emphasizes on the importance of lesson planning and gives a lot of opportunity to practice various lesson plan styles. In addition, it gives good suggestions on how teachers should choose course books and other classroom materials. It is very important that teacher know how to balance the amount and level of material being delivered in a class and the TEFL course covers it in details. This course will also endorse you an opportunity to understand different personality type and various learning behaviours. Through out the course, there is an option of having a TEFL tutor help you out. The tutor is highly recommended because he will look through your units and gives you precious feedbacks on improvements, corrections and teaching ideas. The tutor always replies promptly and adds convince to your course pace because questions will be answered quickly. Also, upon completing the course the tutor will give you more information for future opportunities and information on countries you may be interested in teaching in. Upon completion of this course, you will definitely be a well-prepared teacher. The knowledge that this course provides will enhance you professionalism and confidence in classroom managements. The benefits of completing a TEFL course are essential and highly recommended to everyone with the interest of teaching english as a second language. .