Class Flexible TESOL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.P. – U.K. said:
I have learned a great deal about english grammar, which I had definitely missed out on while I was at school. This course being the first academic course I have taken since a City and Guilds 7302 back in 2004. I really preferred the fact that I took the course online, I do get distracted by being in a classroom environment as a learner, and found the online tuition much more thorough and supportive than previous learning experiences I’ve had before. Because I currently work in FE as a Curriculum Technician, I have had much experience and exposure to the theory and techniques involved in delivering a lesson to a large class. That experience has helped inform many of the Units in this course. I have really enjoyed improving my lesson plan writing and learning how to begin writing a course of work and about the ideas to generate materials and activities for the learners. The course has provided me with many good ideas and references for further reading. I think that when I do end up teaching english abroad I will have all the knowledge to help me get started and settled into the job quickly. Obviously I need more experience teaching an english lesson to different levels and ages of learner in order to find which one best suits me. But I hope to get the opportunity in the near future and relish the chance to impart my newfound understanding and appreciation for the english language. The next step for me will be to take the Business english course, and once I have passed that, I will hopefully be afforded the opportunity to leave england for a significant enough time in order to gain the experience I need and subsequently find a job abroad (probably China) teaching EFL.