Classroom TESOL

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N.C. - Korea said:
I really learned a lot about structuring classes and the Engage, Study, Activate method. I had done something similar to this with my teaching style but I like this idea and it seems to work well and flow. Growing up we learn a lot of things in school and the how or why we learned it are forgotten. It was interesting to come across some things in the units that I knew and understood but didn’t know the name of them or why I was taught them. This course has also taught me that there is a lot more that goes into teaching a class then just teaching the class and it is important to do all the prep and post class work to ensure you are doing your best as a teacher. I also appreciate the profession more and feel a lot more confident that if I encounter a teaching situation where I am unsure I have access to these course notes and other resources to help me. I really like the lesson plans and if I do have time I will make some copies and put them into use. I also got some great ideas for different activities and games to play with the students. I think this course would have benefited me more had I taken it prior to teaching, but having taught, I can understand and relate to a lot of it so that helps as well. I also hope that I will be a better teacher for my students based on what I have learned and practiced here and will keep all my .pdf files and review them from time to time to keep things fresh.