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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.B. – U.S.A. said:
This is my first experience with an online course. I absolutely loved all aspects. The flexibility of the classes allowed me to finish my work while juggling the other things in my life. The online tutor is amazing because this way I felt as though I was not doing the course alone. My progress was followed monitored and the courses were given to me in increments so that I did not feel overwhelmed. This is what I gained from the structure of the online portion of the class. I am now excited to get into class and put the knowledge I have learned into action. The course material was intriguing and I have regained confidence in my native language. It was fun learning the different areas of the english language and then learning how to properly teach it. The unit on pronunciation was my favorite. I learned so much about how english speakers put stress and intonation on different words and sentences when trying to convey different things. By learning this I believe it will help me understand and teach students more effectively. For example, every country puts different stress on words to convey different things. By having a grasp on the areas of pronunciation that my language uses I will be able to apply it to other languages. Then, in return will find out why students are making these common stress and intonation mistakes. The teaching lessons were also fun, but a difficult area in the course. Sometimes I would spend hours thinking about different exercises and lessons for the students. I did not want to be boring and repetitive with my lesson plans. I had teachers in school that always used the same format class and disliked this style of class. I am expecting to use what I have learned not only as a profession, but in everyday life as well. I will be living in Italy where there is a huge demand to learn english. I look forward to helping friends and acquaintances with any questions they have about english. This will also help me with problems the students have in the classroom. I am going to use all of the different teaching aids and equipment that I learned in unit 17. Overall, the online portion of the course has inspired me to continue my learning and to pursue my teaching career.