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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

R.A. & D.W – Korea said:
This course has been extremely useful for the both of us. Looking back on the beginning of the course and the grammar units, it has been immediately useful in the classroom to have a refresher on each of the specific grammar topics. I have gained a higher level of confidence in working with the materials and this translates well into confidence in the classroom. The units on classroom management, error correction, lesson planning, etc have also been instrumental in reviewing how we both approach the planning and laying out of our lessons, as well as how we structure the classes and the classroom we are working in. Having the chance to study different methodologies, theories and techniques helps put one's own teaching approach into perspective. By understanding how others have approached teaching we have both learned a lot about how to improve our own. The video unit was a very helpful tool in seeing how all of this comes together in a real world setting. Being able to see both the correct and incorrect way to go through a class makes it very clear as to the importance of planning, diction, pace, attitude, etc. I think we both gained a lot of pointers from that one. Probably one of the most useful sections of the course in terms of personal teaching skill development was the section on teaching receptive and productive skills. I think this is an area that all teachers initially struggle with, and going forward, we will be able to pull from what we have learned in the course to make these kinds of skills development lessons fun and informative for the students. We will take a lot away from the units on course materials and books, educational technology and of course, evaluation and testing. These units are so essential to the THINKING behind the teaching process. By being aware and using the tools that are available to us before we even start lesson planning, we will both be more able to conduct effective classes. In all, this has been a great experience and I know that we will both be using many of these lessons in our own classrooms as we continue in our ESL careers. I truly look forward to putting the things I've learned into practice in every class.