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K. R. - U.S.A. said:
Motivating Students
I sat and watched the TA (teaching assistant) teach the class that I would be teaching, if I signed the contract to go to grad school. When I was first approached, I was gripped by low self-esteem and thought myself incapable of teaching at the university level. I had some great instructors, but I didn't feel confident in their class. But, as I sat watching this young woman, brilliant in her field, trying to convey the concepts to her students, all I could think was: "I can do this better than her." And, when the class was over, I walked out and signed the contract. For the next two years, I taught a steady stream of students who were required to take a science class with lab, for graduation. Motivation was the biggest thing, and something that I know I accomplished because of the feedback from end-of-semester instructor surveys. How did I motivate, by putting myself in their shoes. This is what I did; and this is what I will do with every class that I teach, because it works! "Been there, done that! If I can do it, so can you!!!" First day of class, lay down the ground rules, not in an autocratic way, but with respect. When college students are surveyed, one of the pet peeves is instructors who do not control their classes and allow others to whisper while they, or others are talking. It makes it very difficult for people behind them to hear. It is rude and unfair. When you pay your money to be in a class, you have a right to expect it to be controlled and conducive to learning. The instructor needs to establish the ground rules in the beginning, and be willing to enforce them. If it is done properly, it is a rare occasion when the line is crossed by a student, unless they are youngsters. It helps everyone be motivated to learn when there are no situations coming up to create unnecessary stress. After respect in the classroom is addressed, I share my own experiences with them. I have been a student, and gone through the same hell of struggling with the learning curve. I could see my grades going down the toilet, but that isn't going to happen in this class. We are going to work together, and I will help you. We will help each other. I am going to group you according to strengths and weaknesses, so if you are really good at something and are willing to help your classmates, please let me know. These are just empty words until we get into the work, and they see that I mean what I say. I look them in the eye when they talk to me, and never brush someone off when they have a question. If I don't know the answer, I am honest enough to say that I don't, but I'll find out. Once I prove to the students that I mean what I say, the motivation grows. I make sure that they never leave a class feeling defeated. I want them to look forward to coming back, and they know that any time they want to come and get help on a one-to-one basis, I will be available to them. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm, and that I am. I love working with students, and they can tell it. I am excited to see them come through the classroom door, and it is hard for them to get too stressed out if they are laughing about something. I know how I struggled with learning, and prepare each lesson from that perspective. Just follow the Golden Rule: Treat others the way that you want to be treated.