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K.B. & A.H. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseBefore working on the TEFL course units, we both felt like we understood the english language fairly well since we have both have been speaking english as our first language for more than 20 years. However, we soon learned that ‘knowing’ is different from ‘understanding’. What we mean by the above statement is that, TEFL has provided the opportunity for us to truly understand what we say, write, and hear in a contextual format. We fully believe that TEFL is pivotal for anyone wanting to teach the english language. For us, TEFL has been the scientific study of english. Both of us were a little hesitant at signing up and completing this program. Our thought was we speak english so we will be able to teach english. We soon came to realize that the two do not go hand in hand. Not only does the TEFL course teach you about the english language on a more scientific format, but also provides the necessary information to actually teach the english language. This TEFL course has uniquely combined the theoretical with the practical. What we mean by this is, this TEFL course is the nexus between the english language and the teaching practices needed in order to understand and implement these ideas to foreign language students who wish to know and understand the english language. The teaching ideas/concepts that this course provides are of paramount importance to the future teacher. We both do not have much experience as the teacher. The experience we do have would have been better performed if we had undergone this TEFL training prior to teaching. We have also found that this TEFL course if extremely beneficial regarding the ‘job hunt’. We have realized that having this 120+ hour TEFL course makes us much more marketable than if we did not have the course. Looking for jobs from the Middle East to South Korea, most institutions either require some sort of TEFL like training or at least prefer the course. To have completed the TEFL course not only expands the opportunities for jobs across the globe, but also can potentially increase the amount of compensation we will receive for teaching jobs. Many times salaries range from price A-Price B and having the 120+ hour TEFL course improves the candidates chance to receive a salary closer to Price B, which would be higher. Looking back after completing the TEFL course, we feel a since of pride and accomplishment. It’s as if the first stage of our teaching experience is done. We have fully completed the 120+ hour course, now we are capable of completing and turning the theory that we have learned from this TEFL course into the practical teaching mechanisms we will use throughout our teaching adventure. Whether an individual is thinking about taking the 120+hour TEFL course for better understanding of the english language, to become a better teacher, or for a resume, one can’t go wrong with this TEFL course. As a result of taking this course, we both are going to continue to complete teaching courses because of the intrinsic knowledge and understanding one obtains from such courses.