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K.M. - U.S.A. said:
Establishing rapport
Each one of us has good or bad memories of our teachers. We all know that a great deal depends on a teacher – student relationship. This relationship can deeply influence the learning process, students? behaviour and classroom management. The question is why and how to form positive teacher – student relationships which seem to play such a big role in classrooms? Relationship between a teacher and students The first impression counts The most important moment for a Tefl teacher is the start of the course, especially for the new teacher with no previous experience. It can be rather difficult as it is in human nature to want to be popular and want to be liked. Many experienced teachers advise building a rapport with the students immediately and gain their respect and trust. The students will know where their boundaries lie and that they cannot push them. At the same time, they will enjoy lessons, be open and want to learn. To make a real impression on the students may help to start a good relationship with them and also may prevent difficult situations. They maximize the chances of everyone having a good time. So how the teacher presents himself initially to the students could be the foundation for this development. The key elements that studets look for in teachers These are the characteristics which teachers should have in order to create a good atmosphere and establish a good rapport in classrooms: • A sense of humour • Treating students as human beings • Not shouting • A consistent approach to sanctions and rewards • Building students? self – esteem • Listening to students • Allowing students the ownership of their lesson • Setting out clear boundaries and expectations • Having consistent and specific class management techniques • Caring about students There is a good deal of research to confirm that the establishment and maintenance of classroom discipline is linked to intra and interpersonal competencies. This means how well the teacher understands himself and how well he gets on with others. Changing of the relationship To establish a positive rapport will take time. The teacher will spend enough time with the students and can really get to know them. There is one thing which the teacher has to keep in his mind and that is that the students will look for ways in which to test him out. The relationship will keep on changing throughout the year. It may happen that the teacher will have to find ways to manage the relationship with any irritating or annoying individuals. Other changes will link to how the teacher has taught. There are two motivations that are especially helpful in the classroom. Students are more likely respond well to the teaching if their teacher has a passion for what he does – especially if he is skilled in communicating his enthusiasm. The other important motivation is a genuine interest in the students – liking them and wanting to make a difference. Relationship between students There is another kind of relationship that really matters and that is students relations. Students bring the expectations, values, understanding and priorities of their community with them into a school. The relationships, which the students create between each other, add to the whole class atmosphere. As a techear walks into a classroom, he may sense whether it is a happy or a stressful place to be. The teacher can not be indifferent and should be sensitive enough to be able to recognize any antipathy which the students may have towards one another. We could say that positive relationships require both the teacher? s and students? concern. Conclusion It is really hard if ever possible to say exactly how this relationship should be built because relationships demand something from us as persons.. It is a complicated process. Teachers, as well as students are complex persons with strengths, limitations and needs. It is about the way the teacher thinks of himself, the way he thinks of the students, the way he teaches and how he builds the relationships. However, teachers should always try to build the best possible relationships in their classrooms.