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K.S. - U.S.A. said:
Classroom Management
A teacher must maintain classroom management in order to effectively and efficiently teach students. The teacher should maintain a positive role-model position while at the same time enforce discipline or punishment when necessary. In addition, maintaining classroom management involves inspiring, organizing, and managing the class. The teacher must play many roles to facilitate success in the classroom. To enforce classroom management on the very first day of school the teacher should make a list of rules that the students need to follow. The rules should be written down and hung on the wall so that all students are reminded of the class rules on a daily basis. These classroom rules need to be acknowledged by every student and the teacher must be consistent with the consequences of breaking the rules. By creating a list of rules the students know the boundaries and limits within the classroom, which should help control behavioral issues. Specifically when establishing classroom rules the teacher should focus on the key rule of respect. Every classroom needs to have respect for the teacher and for each other. Without respect a classroom cannot function. Students will be talking over each other, students will not be listening to one another, and students would not care what the teacher has to say. Building respect in the classroom is vital when creating a classroom that is open to opinions and ideas. When managing the students the teacher should provide both encouragement and discipline when needed. Students who have done a good job should receive praise. This praise should focus on the effort that the student contributed rather than his or her intelligence. Receiving praise from the teacher will improve confidence within students. However, when the student is misbehaving and not paying attention in class the teacher should impose punishment. Although, the disciplinary action should be taken in steps. First the teacher should provide a reminder of what rule the student is breaking. Next the student will be given a warning. Then if the student continues to display bad behavior the teacher will require further reprimanding from a figure who is in higher authority. The student is obviously not listening to the teacher, so another figure is brought into the picture. When creating lesson plans the teacher highly influences classroom management here. Depending on the activities and lesson students will either be active and participate or they will be distracted and bored. The teacher needs to come to class always prepared with exciting and engaging lessons that the students will enjoy. Plus, by always being prepared it removes free time, in which students could misbehave. Thus, lesson plans are critical in not only establishing a schedule to follow but also in controlling classroom behavior. Furthermore, teachers control classroom management by the layout of the room. The teachers need to situate the room and the desks in a pattern that is best suited for the learning environment. Teachers should place desks in a position so that students will be the least distracted when learning. If the lesson of the day requires group work then the desks should be positioned to best coordinate interaction amongst students. Whereas, if the teacher requires attention from all the students a horseshoe pattern of desks may by the most appropriate formation. The teacher is the one with the control of classroom management. Each teacher needs to acknowledge this and be prepared for this. They need to be ready to inspire, discipline, praise, organize, and manage students on the first day of school. They need to enforce classroom rules that will be followed all year round. They need to demand respect from each and every student. Lastly, they need to organize the classroom that is best suited for the style of learning for the activity or lesson of the day. Teachers need to maintain classroom management in order to provide the best education possible to students. Resources Classroom Management –Introduction. ITTT. “Classroom Management.” 2009. Web. 23 December 2011. . Leahy, Ian. “7 Best Classroom Management Tips.” 6 May 2011. Web. 23 December 2011. .