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M.T. –U.S.A. said:
This unit focuses on different teaching methodologies and suggested activities that can be used in each phase of the lesson. In my opinion, Communicative Language Teaching is one of the better approaches. I believe this because I have learned, from experience, that speaking a foreign language in a real world approach is very effective because you have more exposure to the language and are better able to retain information. However, it is not realistic to only learn a language using this method, ideally other methods would be incorporated. Another important point touched on in this unit is the mixing of methodologies, to form the \"Engage, Study, Activate\" (ESA) method. This method is ideal because it allows for the students to have fun, become interested in the target language, spend some time learning new concepts and finally putting those concepts to use in activities such as role play. Each class is different, so it is important to tailor your ESA according to your students. Most importantly, the lesson should start with the \"Engage\" stage and end with the \"Activate\"stage.