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S.C. - Philippines said:
In this unit I learn that there are 4 skills in language learning: receptive skills - reading and listening, and productive ? speaking and writing. The reasons for reading and listening could be different so we can divide them into 2 groups ? for a certain purpose (reading the instructions or listening to the news or somebody?s explanations) or for entertainment (when talking with friends, reading a story of a favourite author). There are some sub-skills in reading that we can use in different situations: predictive skills; scanning (helps to find specific information); skimmimg (helps to grasp a general idea without reading or understanding every word); detailed reading (needs in reading and understanding every word); deduction (helps to guess the meaning of a word or a phrase without translation). During the receptive skills lesson learners can face to some problems such as too long sentences or complicated structured texts which can make reading difficult. Talking about listening lesson learners can face to difficulties caused by a specific accents of a speaker which learners are not used to; also it could be difficult to perceive information without an opportunity to refer to it unlike a reading lesson when a learner can refer to every word every time he/she needs. The ways of solving this problems could be pre-teaching some (but not every) words students don't know; careful selection on texts which would allow students to elicit their skills.