TESOL Anqing

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C.M. - U.S.A. said:
In this unit we saw how to properly prepare classes. What I found very important to note here is how your preparations will depend on your own experience as a teacher. Preparing your lessons is very valuable as it gives you a good guideline for timing, and puts your goals for the day into focus. It allows you to be prepared for certain situations, and gives you something you can always fall back on during class. We must however not forget that we need to be flexibel. It is important that our students get the best learning experience from our classes, and for that we will need to be able to adjust according to the situation. As we gain experience and get to know our students better, our preperations will need to be less detailed and the flow of the lesson will come more naturally. It will still always be valuable to have preparations, to keep a clear goal in mind, to keep having a good grasp on class timings, and to have a record of the classes we teach on which we can later reflect and evaluate ourselves. I think these preperations will be very valuabel, not only in teaching the best class we can teach, but also in having a good record of what we have seen with the class, and an overview of our evolution as a teacher on which we can reflect and improve.