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Unit 10 was an excellent chapter. Through the use of two Videos TEFL took us inside the classroom to witness real-life teaching and the difference between good teaching and poor teaching. Right away upon watching the first video I notice how grumpy and un-happy the teacher seems. He is unenthusiastic and impatient. He does not take the time to explain the concepts he wants his students to learn and they are left feeling uninspired and confussed. In the second video the teachers attitude is completely different. He is patient, cheery, friendly, he seems happy to be there. The students in turn are much more receptive and the class is far more successful. This unit was designed to among other things exemplify how large of a difference the attitude of the teacher can make. If they are happy to be there and interested in what they are teaching the students are much likely to enjoy being in class and take much more information away from the lesson.