TESOL Avoca Minnesota

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In this unit we learnt about grammer, vocabulary and functions. Learning the correct grammer and grasping more new words is very important for framing new sentences in english. An effective teacher will surely make the students understand the basics of grammer and vocabulary. Vocabulary is very important to the students. Vocabulary depends on a number of factors- Similarity to students own language,Similarity to english words already known, Spelling, Pronunciation and Appropriacy. To teach the grammer, vocabulary and other functions of basic english we use the normal ESA (Engage- Study-Activate) to make students understand the grammer and the functions. Teaching the language functions- Just like vocabulary and grammer, language also consists of functions. Language functions include areas such as inviting, refusing, agreeing and disagreeing, suggesting etc. All in all, learning the grammer and the correct pronunciation and spellings of words is very important.