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S.S. - Italy said:
I learned from the Unit 3 theories, methods and techniques that are very important to know as a future teacher. It is really important to analyze and to use the most appropriate ones in order to get the best results. The course provided me with a lot of information about EFL methodology, mistakes and feedback and an easy description for me to assimilate and understand it all. It is important for me to remember that each methodology has good and bad points and that there is no clear answer about wich one is the best, all depending on my personality, the culture of the learners and their needs. I agree with the fact that Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP) method is very suitable and effective in teaching simple language at lower levels while for advanced students would be less effective. As the unit mentioned, the course is based on the ESA ( Engage, Study, Activate) methodology and it is most suitable for new teachers because in this way the students are motivated, exposed to the language and have the opportunity to use it. The unit provides as well a series of materials and examples of ESA method along with ideas for engage phase.