TESOL Bhubaneswar

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J. L. - China said:
There are some different methods for teachers: 1. Grammar-translation 2.Audio-Lingualism 3. Presentations, 4.Task based learning, 5.Comunicative Language teaching 6. The Silent way 7.Suggestopaedia 8.The Lexical approach. An effective model for teaching is ESA teaching Model: Engage: The point (activities) in a teaching sequence where Ts try to arouse Ss? interest  by involving their emotions. Some activities are: games, music, challenging discussions, stimulating pictures, dramatic stories, and anecdotes. Study: The point (activities) in a teaching sequence where Ss are asked to focus in on language/information and how it is constructed. It includes a variety of study styles: explanations, discovery through evidence, groups, whole-class, pairs, and individual. The main focus is the construction of language. Activate: The point (activities) in a teaching sequence where Ss are meant to use the language as freely and communicatively as possible. The focus is not on construction, or   practicing specific bits of language, it is for Ss to use all and any language appropriate for  a given situation. Some activities are: role-plays, advertisement design, debate, discussions, describe and draw, story and poem writing/reading/telling, and group writing. Corrections should reflect the stage of the lesson.