TESOL Bikaner

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J.H. - South Korea said:
In this unit I learned new methods on how to properly teach English language. In my opinion, the most effective method would be Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). I believe that if students have enough exposure to the language and opportunity to use it, it will be easier for them to engage into the new language. Elicitation is one of the most important features of an EFL lesson. Techniques that are used by a teacher to get information about what students already know and need to know. The process of understanding and discovering as well as giving opportunity to the students to speak. ESA methodology, 3 stages.Engage,study,activate. Always starts with engage stage and ends with activate. The engage stage should be considered as a 'warmer'. The aim is to warm up the students and get them to think and speak in English as much as possible before going on to the next stage. Study stage is where students will focus on the language and how it is constructed. Activate stage is the last stage where students are encouraged to use any/all of the language they know.