TESOL Boulder Junction Wisconsin

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In this unit we learn the first of 3 tenses going over the present tense and which forms to use when. Additionally understanding the various exceptions to the rules. Even as a native English speaker I understand when I talk, I'm hopefully using the correct tenses,however I do know when writing I can make mistakes myself. I am able to understand that teaching the tenses and the 4 forms of them could be challenging however I liked the ideas for the actives stages of the lesson and I could see those really helping the students understand as well as helping me explain them better to the students.In this unit I learned a lot about creating a lesson plan and how to properly manage my allotted time for each section. I also learned that it is important, especially for new teachers to make a structured lesson plan because they are not familiar with how to use their time for given activities or demonstrations and may get lost or forget important information. The more experienced teacher may not need such a step by step lesson plan. But it is important to know how to adapt your lesson plan for time such as a good activity vs a bad activity or finishing early or extending a popular activity.