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C.T. - United Kingdom said:
Unit 13 i learned about teaching pronunciation in the form of intonation by the variation of volume and speech. techniques for indicating this is nonsense words, gestures, humming or singing and the board, by making marks on a board and making arrows indicating the path of intonation. How we stress the verbs within a sentence and or lack of stress with in the word and syllables. We learned the 4 major ways that sound joins together in English. Joins together by, linkin, sound dropping, sound changing, and extra lettering. Then learned about phonemic symbols and spelling. The articulation of speech, many are included such as velar, palatal, palatal-alveolar, aveolar, dental, labio-dental, glottal and bilabial. As well as the manner of which articulation is spoken, by plosive, fricative, nasal, lateral, affricate, approximant. Teaching techniques for pronunciation is through students reading and speaking, the teachers own mouth speaking it and over-emphasizing parts of the word can be beneficial for the student. Visuals, such as drawings of a diagram of the mouth showing how a sound can be made is useful.