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W. S. - Korea said:
From this unit I feel I have learnt the importance of what to teach specifically to students with regards to the wide array of future tenses. Unit 8 on Future Tenses covers the wide variety of tenses that follow a pattern to the previous tenses taught in earlier units / chapters. The begin with Future Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Continuous, and then break into three unique sections of \"Going To\", Present Simple, and Present Continuous. I learned that one of the best methods of activity and instruction for teaching future tenses would involve collaboration between students on a mock schedule to plan out a visit or other event of their day. This would allow them to orally explain why they can or can't do something on a certain day using the tenses covered, and any vocabulary learnt during the lesson. My only concern with the unit would be the method of teaching for future simple using fortune telling, as I know I'm some cultures or countries this is either too taboo, or too (hypocritical? deceitful?) of a practice to use as an example. Otherwise, all ideas for teaching and the tenses you could use are easy to justify.