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A.D. - Italy said:
Unit 3 explores various methods of teaching English as a second language. The current effective method of teaching is ESA: Engage, Study, and Activate. In the Engage stage, students are given time to speak or communicate with their peers in English and show their knowledge in class. Afterwards, teachers introduce a new concept in the study stage through explanations and exercises given to students. Activate Stage gives the opportunity to students to practice what they already know and materials introduced previously during the study stage. ESA can be executed in three different ways: Straight Arrow, Boomerang, or Patchwork ESA lesson depending on how many times each stage is repeated and how the three stages are organized. All ESA lessons, however, must always start with the Engage stage and end with the Activate stage. Besides bearing the ESA teaching method in mind, teachers also need to give positive feedback to students and correct their mistakes or errors without making them feel down. Teachers must emphasize that it is 'okay\" to make mistakes or errors and direct the students to the correct ways without interrupting their speech.