TESOL Bucheon

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L.S. - Australia said:
This unit introduced pronunciation and intonation, how we form sounds and phonetics. It described how many teachers of English do not teach pronunciation and shy away from it and it is easy to see why. English pronunciation and particularly intonation and stress are such subtle language nuances that come naturally to a native speaker but of course not to a learner of English that I can see how it is s difficult subject to broach. The unit described different methodologies for teaching pronunciation and I agree that teaching students to speak 'perfectly' as a native speaker would is very unrealistic. Apart from the fact that there are many different ways to say the same thing, even just within the United Kingdom with different accents, some of the sounds will be totally different to the students. The focus on getting them to a point where what they are saying is easily understandable should be the goal otherwise they will focus so much on how they are saying things and not necessarily on what they are saying. As a teacher I think I would prefer to spend a short time in each lesson teaching the pronunciation and how to form the sounds rather than having a whole lesson dedicated to it. It seems to make more sense to teach it as you are teaching the language point or vocabulary and you will not have to go back and un-teach incorrect pronunciation after the fact.