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Z.L. – U.S. said:
This Unit is all about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing \"if\" which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the \"if\" clause and the main clause, and either can come in the first part of a conditional sentence. The five main conditionals are: zero conditional formed with << if/when + present tense,present tense >> and refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable, the first conditional formed with << if + present simple, will >> talks about a \"real\" situation in the future that is possible once the condition has been satisfied, the second conditional formed with << if + past simple, would/could/might + base form >> communicates a present or future \"unreal\", hypothetical situation that is presently not true and is unlikely ever to be true, the third conditional formed with if + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past participle, and the mixed conditional. As far as reported speech is concerned, we usually report what was said at a different time, and so we change the tense to reflect the time which we are reporting.