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B.H. - Spain said:
Teaching techniques are a key method to enhance a high level of productivity depending on the level of the learners.Meanwhile teaching a new language,one needs to know to engage the learners into it like let them be exposed to the language,understand its meaning,understand how its constructed,and be able to practice and use it.Grammar is often said to be the tree trunk,in a language all the parts of a tree are interwoven to give a good structure or functioning and sustaining the tree,be it the,roots, trunk,branches or leaves all work in a synergy.Vocabulary,grammar, without the proper use of the tenses,are just a vague statement without a meaning.Vocabulary needs to be selected while teaching depending on the level so as to suit or for better understanding and usage.Introducing grammatical structure will depend on the level of the course syllabus and the manner in which its presented.Engage students in the discussion to study more.Teaching language functions are a vital point to clarify students in areas such as inviting,refusing,agreeing or disagreeing or suggesting.The criteria at which we use to select vocabulary to be taught,the techniques of presentation,what students need to know about grammatical structures,all play a key learning role.