TESOL Certification Israel Eilat

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When I was a college, I had a course about pronunciation and phonology. This unit helps me review what I learned before.I taught students International Phonetic Alphabet of 48 phonemic symbols.There are 4 more symbols than this unit.These are /tr/,/dr/,/ts/ and /dz/.It's good for a teacher to know the manner and place of articulation.Then she/he can teach in a professional way.But I don't think it's an effective way.The teacher can mention the speech organs a little bit but learner don't need to every part of them.It could be confusing.So don't over do it.For example,the /m/ sound, close mouth and let the air come out of nose.We don't have to let students remember it's a bilabial nasal.It's very interesting to teach students pronunciation.