TESOL Certification Kislovodsk Russia

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Teaching receptive skills is an important task for teachers. There are four basic skills; The receptive skills are reading and listening and the productive skills are speaking and writing. Since they are all equally important we need to teach them all. Reading and listening is important because it helps a student learn the language before they can practice the language.Unit-2 ,Grammer of the English Lesson. Nouns : countable-uncountable-plural Adjectives : Rules; size-age-colour-material+noun / and / comparisons(-er) , superlative (-est) , Articles : definite -the and undefinite -a-an Verbs : Transitive + Intransitive / Regular + Irreguler Adverbs -ly Gerund -ing Pronouns Personal+Possesive+reflexive+relative Prepositions and Conjuctions