TESOL Certification Mianyang China

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This unit was much about basic grammar, which I studied many years ago. It was quite eazy for me to know how to do the grammar in itself, but it was much more difficult to remember how the different groups were classified. I can understand and speak with no problems without studying these grammar, but if I will teach English it is necassary to have a good knowledge of it. So I think it was a very good repetition for me.Tenses are difficult. Chinese doesn?t really have tenses, so I can only imagine how annoying it must be to learn English. I also think that the way English grammar is taught is really dreadful compared to how it?s taught in Latin. A lot of the same rules are in place, but the English wording for it is unnecessarily confusing. Why label the conditionals ?first,? ?second,? and ?third?? That?s ridiculous.