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Unit-2 : Grammer of the English Lesson. I learnt from this Unit The English Grammer..Like; Nouns : countable-uncountable-plural Adjectives : Rules; size-age-colour-material+noun / and / comparisons(-er) , superlative (-est) , Articles : definite -the and undefinite -a-an Verbs : Transitive + Intransitive / Regular + Irreguler Adverbs -ly Gerund -ing Pronouns Personal+Possesive+reflexive+relative Prepositions and ConjuctionsThis lesson was a good review of teaching methods. I wonder, however, why there was no instruction in Unit 19 on English level testing. I see there are several free level tests on the Internet, but I would have liked some guidance on how to choose one. (Note that the video states there is information in Unit 19 on level testing.) All in all, the unit presented several things to keep in mind when teaching ESL and was helpful.