TESOL Changde

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T.R. - South Korea said:
This unit focused on the role of the course book in a classroom. It also examined the roles of authentic and created course materials to supplement and enhance lesson plans. After defining and explaining the value of both types of materials, the unit then offered samples of created materials. This is a great reference for teachers who may have difficulties thinking creatively. I thought this unit was much easier and more obvious than past units. However, I did find it informative for my own classroom. I personally do not use my classes course book. I use it as a guide for how to structure our lessons (ie: what topics to cover). However, the activities in our course book are less than helpful. So usually my entire lesson is created from supplemental activities. However, this unit has helped convince me that I should start including more authentic materials as well as occasionally using the course book. I think the unit made a compelling case that the course book does have advantages for helping students track their progress and boost their confidence. I will be sure to take it into consideration more.