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B.P. – U.K. said:
There are many different methods that can be used during teaching. Presentation practice and production presets contents, demonstrates meaning, and drilling stage. Another one is CLL when students sit in a circle and decide what language and topic to talk about. Next, suggestopedia is low stress for the student. And, grammar translation is system of translation. I've also learned about the ESA system. Engage, study, and activate methods that can be either straight arrow or boomerang. These methods can create a lesson plan putting in different ways to teach. Engage helps to break the ice and get students involved in what they are learning. Study gives them worksheets etc. to help them see what they are learning and to think about it on their own. Activate style is to give action to what the students are learning such as role play or surveys. Also, there are certain times to correct mistakes/ errors. The best time is during the study stage. The other 2 stages the students should be getting encouraged to communicate as much as possible. These are all the different methods teachers can use to teach students depending on their personality, culture, or their type of learning.