TESOL Columbia Heights District Of Columbia

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There are a variety of equipment and visual aids that can be used in the classroom and it varies as to what is available where ever you are. Some of the main equipment and resources that may be available could be chalk or white boards, IWB's, overhead projectors, DVD players, dictionaries, video camera, resource books and computers. As with all lessons you are preparing it is very important to test equipment and plan ahead to make sure things are appropriate for the students age and levels of English and that everything is in working order. While equipment can be very helpful and some times necessary there is no guarantee the lesson will work, planning, organization and creative delivery can not be substituted. The tools I use most as a teacher now in my classroom at a treatment center are, a white board, copy machine, course books, TV and DVD player and computers. However, internet is not always working and often I must have plan \"B\" ready to use if my equipment fails for some reason.