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S.W. – U.S. said:
Grammar is the back bone of any language, English being no exception. I generally speak English without much thinking about neither structure nor rules, it just comes naturally. Hence my apprehension going into unit 2. It turns out I need not have feared. I found it helpful to group all the different parts of speech into their sub groups as this allowed me to feel more in control of the English language, and I have already made use of the knowledge gained in conversations with my children and students. Recognising each part of speech is invaluable as each one has an effect on other parts of the sentence (like much / many / few / little in connection with countable or uncountable nouns). With adjectives, I found it interesting to think about the order they are generally placed into, as again, I had never given it much thought - much like my students. When covering definite and indefinite articles as well as promouns, I tried and tested some exercises with one of my Czech students, and she found it incredibly difficult. So much so, we spent three lessons on the subjects. I feel incredibly empowered by my newly (recovered) knowledge, and can answer my students' questions with credibility and ease. Invaluable.