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A.R. - Finland said:
Creating a lesson plan in the skeleton of teaching. It organizes everything you know as a teacher and helps you explain and teach in a way that is as productive as possible. Being organized reduces student confusion. This is a great way to ensure that you are not only using the ESA structure (or some form of it) but also getting the most out of it. What I like most about the lesson plan is the personal aims. I think that it is easy to forget as a teacher that you are continuously learning too. The personal aim is a reminder that you have room to grow and to challenge yourself to do so. This makes for effective teacher as discussed in a prior unit. I also like that the lesson plan includes anticipated problems for the teacher and the students. Often, I have felt very prepared for a presentation but when someone asks me a question or something doesn't go according to plan, I realize that I am not equipped to handle the situation. Foresight on possible and probable issues allows you to prepare with solutions, improving the impact of your lesson.