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J.D. – U.S. said:
In this unit I have learned more information about the use of course books, such as some of the advantages and disadvantages of using them. For example an advantage would be its continuity, a disadvantage would be that it will not have specific information or useful help for my students with some things that they may struggle with. Another advantage of a course book would be that it allows for quicker lesson planning from class to class, a disadvantage would be that it can become predictable and boring for the students. The course book will be more accurately graded to the students level which can be an advantage, but may not contain interesting materials and can turn the focus away from the students learning. Some positive options for course book use can be Omitting information that we do not deem as important for our specific students, Replacing some material to have more relevance to the students needs, Supplement valuable points needed to assist in the understanding of the students and Adapt materials to our own personality and style.