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A.K. - Germany said:
This unit taught about conditionals and reported speech. It focused on the 5 main conditionals. They are zero conditionals, which are actions and facts that are irrefutable. First conditionals are real situations in the future that are possible, probably or certain once the conditional has been satisfied. Second conditionals communicate a present or future \"unreal\" hypothetical situation that is presently not true and is unlikely to ever be true. Third conditionals refer to a hypothetical past action or non-action and the hypothetical past consequence or result. The Mixed conditionals are a combination of a second conditional clause with a third conditional clause. This unit introduced several activities that can be used to teach these conditionals. I also learned about reported speech and direct speech in this unit. Direct speech is directly quoting what someone has said and uses quotation marks. Where as, reported speech is me reporting what someone else said, it's not a direct quote, and therefore it does not use quotation marks.