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R.L. and T.L – Germany said:
In this unit, I have learnt about different teaching methodologies and their advantages and disadvantages. It appears that the Engage-Study-Activate (ESA) methodology is the most effective teaching approach. The benefits of this method are the engaging and activating stages. Every ESA lesson starts with an engaging stage where students' interests are awoken, increasing their willingness to learn the material taught during the studying stage. As studying is essential to learning a new language, the unit provided great advice on how students can study effectively, but also in a fun way. Instead of just drilling vocabulary and grammar, worksheets are a great way to learn new material because the students are actually using the new material directly. Also, ESA is great methodology because it ends with an activating stage, which focuses less on the accuracy of the newly acquired language but more so on the fluency. The unit provided a great range of different exercises for each stage, making each part fun for the students.