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L. D. - Italy said:
Model auxiliary verbs can be used to express obligation, possibility, permission, prohibition, ability, advice and so on. May, might, need to, must, have to, have got to, should, can, could, would are some of the examples of Modal auxiliary verbs. Role play, establishing rules and guessing meaning of traffic signs are the useful teaching ideas for Modals. Passive voice forms the object of an active verb into the subject of the passive verb. The passive voice can be used to express the sentence where the doer is not important, not exist or speaker doesn't want to show the performer to be shown. The doer can be focused in passive with the use of \"by\" phrase. Relative clause is a dependent clause that modifies a noun by describing further information about it. Relative pronouns like who, which, that, whose and so on are used to introduce the relative clause. There are two types of relative clauses defining and non-defining. Phrasal verbs are also known as multi word verbs and it consists of a verb plus one or two participles.