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O.C. - Spain said:
This unit focused on methodology related to teaching english as a foreign language. The Unit was organised around ESA: Engage, Study, Activate. This structure provided a solid base for activities that aid in the learning process. The Engage stage specifically reminded me of warm-ups when I was in school, and provides a wonderful opportunity to break the ice, and corral the minds of the students into the learning process. The Study portion of this structure really allowed me to think about both best ways to communicate new material to students, and when to correct students upon both errors/mistakes. I really appreciated learning about the difference between mistakes and errors, it has made me aware of the constructive way to help students improve while learning English. The Activate state seems like it should be a hallmark of the learning process. It really allows for the students to be at the helm of their language acquisition, but also allows for the teacher to be able to be self critical of how well they have done in facilitating the learning process.